Parent Feedback

Srilakshmi L.

My son started going to Sparkle Montessori at 18 months and he has been attending the school for the last 6 months. I am very satisfied with the care they provide and the personal interest they show towards every child. Ms. Nishat is very easy to reach and work with. She goes above and beyond to accommodate my kids special needs and never made it sound like an imposition!

Ms. Anju and Ms. Naeema are very patient with the kids. With in a few weeks of starting the daycare, my son learned to drink milk from a cup without any mess, eat all sorts of foods by himself with spoon/fork. The food provided to the kids is freshly prepared and has good variety to cover all the food groups. They get fresh fruit and vegetables 2-3 times a day.

Over the last 6 months, my son learned to count to twenty, alphabets and their sounds, colors, shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, continents and more. While they cover all the education basics, the most important aspect to me is the focus on arts and crafts. They have arts/crafts projects every day of the week and it brings me joy every time I see my son walk through the door with an art project he finished that day!

My daughter also went to Sparkle for daycare. When she comes with me to pick up her brother, she is greeted warmly by the teachers. She gets all the festive goodies like halloween candy, Christmas presents, Easter basket etc from the teachers, making her feel very much part of the Sparkle family.

It is hard for any parent to let their young child go under the care of someone else. It is an experience riddled by anxiety! I am very happy I chose Sparkle Montessori for both my kids and I highly recommend it!

Yamini S.

My daughter has been going to Sparkle since she was 18 months. She has thrived there under her various teachers attention and care. Would definitely recommend.

Gaurav Giridhar

We are extremely happy to have Sparkle Montessori as part of life as it brings the right balance of learning and fun for our child.

Here are some of the things which amaze us every now and then:

a) Discipline in daily life
b) Public Speaking
c) Sharing – It’s an important aspect for a single kid as they don’t get to practice it at home.
d) Motor Skill
e) Craft and Art
f) Academic Progress with tracing of letters and numbers at early age
g) Restricting the right things

I could go on and on writing about it as there are many more things to share but hoping that this would help other parents makes the right choice!!!

Jameel M

What we like the most about sparkle Montessori is its faculty. They always made us feel satisfied for a parent concerned about their child. The “at home” feeling we get with them is far far better than any Montessori in and around Fremont we visited before we finally decided to enroll our kid here. Thank you Ms. Mona, Ms. Nishat, Ms. Jeet & Ms. Shireen. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.

Eyad F

I would highly recommend Sparkle Montessori to anyone looking for a preschool for their kids. We moved our twin boys from another Montessori school in Fremont to this one, and have seen significant progress with our kids, academically and socially. The facility is new and the teachers and staff are highly trained with children and very professional. My children learn a lot while everyday, whether it’s the solar system, US landmarks, international currencies, US Presidents, etc.. Our children love the school and the teachers, and are excited  to go their every morning.

Krudant D

We were really worried initially since our daughter (now 3) was new to the city and Sparkle was new too! However, we got a lot of support from Nishat, who made us feel welcome, and understood our concerns. Now, she loves going to school, and has adjusted well. Kudos to Salma & Samantha, who were wonderful with her. The school has some great activities at several times through the year, although Halloween was a particular favorite for my little one.

Another special mention is their adaptability. We asked for some changes to our daughter’s diet, and they were implemented swiftly and without fuss. Great school & great people.

Damen Martin

Sparkle Daycare turned my son from an anti-social child to a star pupil. Before putting my child in Sparkle Montessori I had no knowledge about the Montessori system of education. Now I can see how beneficial this new education is for him. He loves doing things with his hands and has made a bunch of friends. Thank you, Sparkle!.

Majinder Saini

Both my kids (3 yr and 5yr) are currently enrolled in Sparkle and we are seeing the desired changes in their personalities and skill levels as preschoolers.

As a parents we all have different set of expectations from our kids. One of our goal was to make our kids bilingual and Sparkle is definitely helping my kids to gain the desired English language skills. We are confident that our older kid is now Kindergarten ready and with Sparkle it will be a smooth transition.

Ya Y

I highly recommend Sparkle Montessori to anyone looking for a preschool that is not only educational, but one that actually takes care of your children. My two kids were enrolled here for a while. The location is convenient (close to 880) and their safety/security system is great. The staff here are highly trained with children and very professional, especially Ms. Mona and Ms. Nishant. My children learned a lot while they were here and made many friends. My 4 year old daughter was able to identify our solar system, name them in order, recall their temperatures (Hot or Cold), and other functions of the planets within 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, we had to take them out due to our move to Sunnyvale. Unrolling them was the hardest part of our move, but we will definitely come back here if things don’t work out.

Sucharita G

My toddler has been going there since she was 22 months old. It was a hard decision for me to send her to montessori this young but I am so glad I decided to go with Sparkle! In the 4 months that she’s been there she’s turned over a new leaf. She has gone from being an extremely shy and clingy little baby to an independent little girl. She has learnt so many new things and loves coming home and teaching us. The staff is superb and keeps us well informed on our kid’s progress. Her teachers are extremely caring and she talks about them all the time. They really made the transition from grandparents/nanny to school very easy. My kid now wants to go to school even on the weekend. I feel safe about leaving my kid there when I am at work, knowing that my kid is well taken care of and happy. If you want your kid to learn a lot of new things, have fun at the same time and be cared for really well, Sparkle is the place for you!

Litoge Shil

Our son is going to Sparkle Montessori for last two years. Sparkle Montessori has provided environment for his all round development. What I like most is that everyday he is eager to go to school. I am grateful to the teachers for taking care of our kid so well. They are also very kind and professional. I have referred my friends to this Montessori and they too are happy. Thanks Sparkle Montessori.

Sheetal P

We started sending our baby to Sparkle Montessori as soon as he became 18 months old. We were so concerned about his stranger’s anxiety . Surprisingly he came over within 2 weeks with help of his great teachers. He learned so many things -so fasttttt !!
He picked up many songs , colors , shapes ,trying to learn new words everyday, learning his friend’s names .Wowwww!!. We are so thankful to Ms.Nishat , Ms.Anju, Ms.Elizabeth , Ms.Juliet and all other teachers .They are so experienced in their work and definately know how to be with kids.
I remember how i used to call every hour to check on my baby in initial days , and how they managed me and my baby together.. lol …
Its second home for kids 🙂
You can choose Sparkle Montessori even without second thought !!

Padinjarel R

I would highly recommend Sparkle Montessori for anyone who is looking for personalized and high quality child care for their young ones. We moved our 4 year old from another pre-school(franchise of a big chain of pre-schools) to Sparkle this fall. It has been only a couple of months we can see remarkable progress in all areas of his development. His academic level as well as life skills have really taken a leap.
The teachers are very caring and highly experienced. They take special effort in ensuring that children are placed with the right age group and skill levels. The curriculum is well structured and contemporary. Food and snacks are nutritious and very hygienic. In short, we could not have asked for anything more. Thank you Sparkle !

Srividya A

Sparkle Montessori is a very good school. My son is 2.5 yrs old and going to Sparkle Montessori since March 2019. His speech and vocabulary have improved a lot. I am happy that the school focuses on overall development of the child. My son cried a lot initially when he started school but quickly started to enjoy school as well, thanks to his teachers Ms.Kanika , Ms.Pooja and Ms. Lakshmi. They are excellent teachers and they take care of my child very well.